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Room Service

Our Architectural Trays and Coasters are all made by hand for us by specialist craftsmen close to our studio in Wiltshire. We think that being close geographically is not only good for our carbon footprint, it is better for our communities. Our philosophy is less stuff but better stuff. Objects that have taken time to design and that bear the hand of an experienced craftsman/woman, will give continued delight. These are our Objects of Luxury, not by price, but because of the time each one has taken to come into existence.

We often use Golden Sections as a proportional principle for rectangles – more specifically Fibonacci’s scale. These are not only prolifically found in nature (eg. sunflower seeds) but also found in the proportions of The Parthenon and the new Eden Project building, and by artists from Da Vinci to Mondrian. These are marked with a GS*